Build Sita’s statue alongside Ram’s in Ayodhya: Karan Singh tells UP CM Adityanath

Veteran Congress leader Karan Singh has suggested to Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath building twin statues of Lord Ram and Mata Sita on the banks of Saryu river in Ayodhya. In a letter to Adityanath, Singh said that there is a tendency to forget Sita and focus only on Lord Ram. He said that building Sitas statue alongside one of Ram will be in line with the long-pending justice to the noble lady. Sita, he said, faced greater struggle than her husband Ram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. To have Sitas statue alongside Rams in Ayodhya, Singh suggested even reducing the statute of Maryadapurushotam to half. After all these centuries, let Ayodhya, at last, do justice to the memory of this great and noble lady, Earlier in July, Uttar Pradesh CM had proposed to build the country The structure would consist of a statue, umbrella overhead and pedestal. Singh, who is the scion of the erstwhile royal family of Jammu and Kashmir, also recalled the greater struggle faced by Sita. He said that there seems to be a recent tendency to forget Sita ji altogether and concentrate only on Sri Ram. This will be adding another injustice to what this noble lady suffered in her own lifetime, he said.