Pakistan rehearsing historical fallacies, its argument on Kashmir plebiscite mendacious: Christine Fair

India-Pakistan relations: Frustrated with back to back snubs from the global community on Kashmir, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that it was the responsibility of the United Nations to fulfill its promise of referendum and plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir. In a televised address to the nation on Monday, minutes after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump met on the sidelines of the G7 Summit in France, Imran Khan said: The UN has the responsibility to do justice with Kashmiris. It is its job to do a referendum and plebiscite in Kashmir. It promised the people of Kashmir that it would give them the right to decide their future through a plebiscite. While Imran Khan may have put the onus of resolving the Kashmir issue on the UN, scholars who have studied Kashmir issue hold Pakistan responsible for not acting on the conditions laid down in the resolution, thereby hitting a deadlock. Noted American political scientist C Christine Fair said Pakistan was simply rehearsing historical fallacies and now it was the time for the international community to rubbish its claim on Jammu and Kashmir. Explaining the crux of the UN Resolution, she said: UNSC 47 is clear. Pakistan had to first demilitarise to the satisfaction of a UN body to be established. Second, contingent upon that, India was to demilitarise but it was permitted to retain some forces for defense. Then after both of these moves, the plebiscite was to be held. But Pakistan never fulfilled the first necessary but insufficient condition. This is very clear. Of course, all of this was obviated by the Shimla Agreement in which both sides (India and Pakistan) agreed to settle all outstanding disputes bilaterally. It would behoove the international community to learn some history and rubbish Pakistans claims in the most public and embarrassing matter possible, Christine told Financial Express Online. She further said that anyone who has read the foundational documents First, Pakistan was not entitled to Kashmir. Second, India has an instrument of accession. Third, Pakistans talking points on the plebiscite are mendacious, she added. UN condition that Pakistan never fulfilled The Government of Pakistan should undertake to use its best endeavours: (a) To secure the withdrawal from the State of Jammu and Kashmir of tribesmen and Pakistani nationals not normally resident therein who have entered the State for the purpose of fighting, and to prevent any intrusion into the State of such elements and any furnishing of material aid to those fighting in the State. (b) To make known to all concerned that the measures indicated in this and the following paragraphs provide full freedom to all subjects of the State, regardless of creed, caste, or party, to express their views and to vote on the question of the accession of the State, and that therefore they should co-operate in the maintenance of peace and order.