Jammu and Kashmir: State flag removed from civil secretariat building in Srinagar

The state flag of Jammu and Kashmir was on Sunday removed from civil secretariat building in Srinagar. This comes weeks after the central government scrapped the special status granted to the state under Article 370. The article gave the state autonomy to have its own flag and constitution among other privileges. However, the Centre earlier this month revoked the provisions bringing Jammu and Kashmir at par with other states. With the abrogation of special status, the state flag and constitution ceased to be in operation in JK. State flag removed from Civil Secretariat building in Srinagar, only tricolor seen atop the building, ANI reported today. A day after Parliament passed the resolution to revoke Article 370 and The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill, former deputy chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Nirmal Singh removed the state flag from his vehicle. With this, he became the first leader to remove the state flag. Speaking on this, Singh said that when he was in the government he had to fly the state flag with a heavy heart as it was his constitutional compulsion. It was Shyama Prasad Mookerjee who had coined the phrase that Ek Desh Mein Do Vidhan, Do Pradhan, DO Nishan Nahi Chalenge Nahi Chalenge [ There cant be two constitutions, two prime ministers and two flags in one country]. He saw Article 370 as biggest impediment in the full integration of Jammu and Kashmir into Indian Union. Mookerjee was the founder of Jan Sangh which later became Bharatiya Janata Party. The saffron party kept it on its agenda and promised to do away with it once it came to power.