Arun Jaitley, a one-stop reference for BJP on law, Constitution: Ram Madhav

Senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Arun Jaitley, who passed away on Saturday, was a one-stop reference for the party on matters relating to law, Constitution and others, BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said. Jaitley had the competence to handle finance ministry on the one hand and defence ministry on the other with ease, he said. Leaders from any state used to first go to Arun Jaitley ji to discuss any problem concerning that state. Jaitley was a leader who was an expert in law, Constitution. So, Arun Jaitley ji was one stop reference for the party whenever legal issues or Constitutional matters are to be tackled in states or at the Centre, he said, speaking at a condolence meeting at the Telangana BJP headquarters here. When he was looking after Kashmir-related subjects, Ram Madhav said Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to suggest that Jaitley be consulted before taking final decision. I still remember. Before putting the final signature on the on PDP-BJP agreement, when Prime Minister ji had to consulted, at 1.30 in the night, Prime Minister ji asked, have you spoken to Jaitley? (we said) It is 1.30 in the night and it has to be released tomorrow morning, no, no, try. At 1.30 in the night, Arun Jaitley was then giving final touches to the budget, sitting in the finance ministry office in north block, he said. The final decision was taken on two or three critical issues when he, Jaitley and PDP representative Haseeb Drabu held discussion standing on the road between north block and south block (in Delhi) at 1.30 in the night, he recalled. The final word on such matters was Jaitleys, he said. Jaitley was among the leaders who inherited the legacy of late Atal Bihari Vajpayee in politics, displaying the same soft nature, incisive mind, emotional and accessible nature, he said. Jaitley had good relations with leaders from all parties despite the political differences, he said. The departed leader had the ability to express himself, by combining humour, without hurting others, Ram Madhav said. Thats why I say, Jaitley ji was not just a leader for us. He was an institution, he said. Recalling that Jaitley loved cricket, he said the former Union Finance Minister was an all-rounder in politics. Using cricket parlance, he said Jaitley was a good batsman for BJP in parliament and outside, a good bowler to take the wickets of opposition and a good fielder to come to the partys aid.