Assam NRC list: Former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s family excluded

The names of family members of fifth President of India, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, are not included in the final National Register of Citizens in Assam. Nephew of the former President SA Ahmed said that the aggrieved family will approach the authorities after September 7. Speaking to news agency ANI in Kamrup in Assam, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmeds nephew, SA Ahmed said, Names of four family members missing from NRC list. We will go to authorities after September 7 and follow the process to get names included in the list. In addition to the former Presidents family, the name of former Assam chief minister Anwara Taimur was found missing from the list. To his amazement, even Prateek Hajela, the IAS officer who supervised the NRC exercise, was not mentioned in the first draft that was published in December 2017. The final NRC list, which was released on Saturday, did not have names of over 19 lakh applicants. A total of 3.3 crore people had applied to be included in the NRC and out of them, 3.1 crores have been included in the document leaving over 19 lakh out. The updated final NRC was released after a mammoth exercise involving 52,000 officials scrutinising over six crore documents over four years. Last year, the complete draft was released in which over 40 lakh people were excluded from the list. An additional 1 lakh people were left out in June this year, taking the total number of those excluded to 41 lakh. In the final register, it got pared down to little over 19 lakh. Persons who have been excluded from the National Register of Citizens have 120 days to appeal against it at Foreigners Tribunals. If the aggrieved persons are not satisfied with the verdict of the tribunals, they will have the option to move the High Court and the Supreme Court for redress.