Congress ousted tribals from forest, now shedding crocodile tears: Mayawati

BSP chief Mayawati on Friday hit out at both the national parties The BSP president said that both the parties are equally responsible for atrocities committed on the people belonging to the tribal community. She also said that the Congress during its rule ousted tribals from forest and some of them later became Naxals. The Congress and BJP governments at the Centre are equally responsible for the atrocities committed on tribals in the country. The tribals were ousted from the forest during Congress rule and some of them even became Naxals, she said. The BSP chief said that now the members of the Kol\/adivasi samaj were removed from Sonbhadra and killed during BJP rule. But what needs to be stressed is that whoever is out of power among these two parties, sheds crocodile tears whenever there are cases of atrocities, she added. Mayawatis statement comes on a day when Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi was detained on her way to Sonbhadra where 10 people were allegedly gunned down by a village head and his henchmen. The Congress leader was scheduled to meet the family of the victims but was stopped in Mirzapur, UP. In an apparent reference to todays development, Mayawati said that the Congress was doing all this days after the incident but the BSP started pressurising the administration to do justice ever since the incident happened. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi today called the detention of Priyanka Gandhi as illegal and disturbing. No documents were produced for the arrest.This is a complete abuse of law in every respect, he said.