Assam floods: Royal Bengal Tiger an unusual guest at a house near Kaziranga

The picture of a Royal Bengal tiger snuggled on a bed in a house near Assam More than 95 percent of the park is immersed in floodwaters and has displaced a number of animals out of their natural habitat. In a picture shared by the Wildlife Trust of India, the tiger appears to be relaxing on a bed with its paw tucked in. The big cat fled the flooded Kaziranga and took refuge at a house in Harmoti near Bagori range along the National Highway-37. The locals revealed that big cat gained entry into the shop of a man named Rafikul Islam at about 7 am and was spotted relaxing on his bed. A Billion Choices says the bag but this #tiger chooses bed n breakfast to escape #AssamFloods. Our team @wti_org_india @action4ifaw with @kaziranga_ working to ensure safe passage to the #forest #Kaziranga @vivek4wild @AzzedineTDownes +\/5hfxtK2djo Officials are currently monitoring its movements and are waiting for the tiger to leave on its own. If it does not then only attempts will be made to tranquilise move it to a forest, KNP Bagori Range Officer Pankaj Bora was quoted by PTI as saying earlier. The Wildlife Trust of India, however, which provided continuous updates on the deluge said that they will wait till it gets dark to provide the tiger a safe passage to the forest. The Assam floods have been severe on the wildlife in the state. Many one-horned rhinoceros and other animals have died in the floods which submerged a large amount of land in 29 of Assams 33 districts. Apart from Kaziranga, vast swathes of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and Manas National Park are also under the deluge, forcing animals such as elephants, rhinos and wild boars and deers, to seek shelter in artificial highlands built within the parks or travel towards the southern highlands of the Mikir Hills, also known as the Karbi Anglong hills.