Rahul Gandhi attacks BJP, says ruling party using money to topple state govts

Karnataka crisis: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday blamed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the ongoing crisis in Karnataka. Reacting to political developments in the southern state, Gandhi said: BJP uses the money to bring down state Govts, they have been doing that. We saw that in the Northeast as well. His statement has come at a time when the coalition government in Karnataka has come under pressure and 10 Congress MLAs have crossed over to the BJP. The Congress-JDS government in Karnataka slipped into crisis after 11 MLAs from both the parties submitted their resignations. The senior Congress leaders alleged that the BJP orchestrated the whole resignations show to topple the government in the state. In the assembly election, the BJP had emerged the single largest party with 105 seats. The Congress won 79 and JDS just 37 seats. But to keep the saffron party out of power, the Congress and JDS came together to form the government. The grand old party claims that it upset the BJP which now wants to bring down its coalition government in the state. However, the BJP has distanced itself from the ongoing crisis saying that the legislators are leaving because they know they have no future with the grand old party. The Assembly Speaker is yet to decide on the eight resignations submitted by rebel MLAs. The moment the resignations are accepted, the strength of the coalition government will come down from 117 to 105, lower than what the BJP has -105. The Speaker has said that he needs to ascertain that the resignations are voluntary and genuine.