PM Modi talks tough, asks party leadership to inform him if ministers skip Parliament duty

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asked the party leadership to inform him on the same day if ministers skip their roster duties in both the Houses of Parliament. He pulled up party members for absenteeism during Parliament sessions. The Prime Minister while speaking at the party parliamentary meeting said that all the union ministers should be present in both the Houses as per their roster duties and if anyone skips, he should be informed on the same day. This is not the first time when the prime minister has flagged absenteeism issue at the party meeting. According to a report in The Hindustan Times, Modi on July 2 had linked the attendance issue with the promotions. He told the party leaders that he went through attendance records and how they interacted in parliamentary committees before taking any call on them. I rank everyone according to all this and then decide the ministers, PM Modi also asked all the legislators to develop their constituencies and take up a cause of human sensitivity like eradication of leprosy and water conservation. He also told the MPs that the first impression is often the last impression so they should work passionately for the development of their areas. In a press briefing after the meet, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said that the Prime Minister told parliamentarians that they should take up an issue of human sensitivity as a mission apart from carrying out their duties as MPs so that they are remembered for their work. Joshi said that Modi also spoke about about diseases like leprosy and TB that need to be removed. India has set a deadline of 2025 for eradicating TB. Parliamentary Affairs Minister said that the prime minister asked all the party members to work for its removal within the deadline.