Azam Khan backs Kairana MLA who asked Muslims to boycott shops of BJP supporters

Samajwadi Party MP Azam Khan on Monday defended his party MLA from Kairana Nahid Hasan who had allegedly asked the people of his area to boycott shopkeepers who support Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Reacting to Hasans statement, Azam Khan said: It is sad that such a situation arose. Who is responsible for it? Who had started this? We stayed back (in India), our ancestors stayed back. He further said that Muslims who were leaving during partition stayed back because they were assured that this nation is as much theirs as it is anyone elses. But whats the treatment being meted out? Khan said. He, however, did not condemn the statement made by Kairana MLA Hasan. Hasan had allegedly asked the Muslims of Kairana to boycott the shops of the saffron party supporters. In a video which went viral on social media, the SP MLA can be seen making an appeal to Muslims to boycott the shops of BJP supporters. I am making an appeal to all the people of Kairana that stop buying things from the supporters of BJP for our people who have been destroyed.but things from other places.they run their house when we buy from I am making this appeal to our people that stop buying stuff from the BJP this for our Sarai people, the SP MLA said. Defeaning silence from\/o2x0HORA1F However, Hasan later clarified and said that the matter was between poor vendors and shopkeepers in the market. There is a conflict between them. The matter has been taken up in a different manner and a different meaning is being deduced, he said.