‘Did she clear JEE’, asks Twitter after cow strolls into IIT classroom in Mumbai

In a shocking video that has gone viral on social media, a stray cow was seen entering a classroom at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)- Bombay. The incident occured when the class was still in session. In the video shared widely on Twitter, the students were seen in confusion, amused and frightened state when the animal started walking around the classroom. However, they drove the cattle out of the class. The moment the cattle entered the class, the students were taking a test in one of the lecture halls on the first floor of the Lecture Hall Complex building, said a report in The Hindustan Times. Speaking to the daily, several students have claimed that stray animals are very common inside the campus. Students also claimed that the animal could have reached the first floor using one of the slopes in the building which connect the various lecture halls. However, the IIT officials have declined to confirm the incident. The IIT-Bombay spokesperson said that the video could be from any other institute, or even be an old video as there was no date on it. Twitter users had a field day and a number of them shared the video on their timelines along with funny captions. This video from a hi-tech classroom at the world famous IIT Bombay – is a poignant reminder of the New India we are building. Full story – pic.twitter.com\/OIrfdww6ZC Earlier this month, an intern from working in IIT Bombay was attacked by a pair of bulls. The intern had to be hospitalised after he received injuries in the abdomen.