India denies seeking US help in Kashmir matters, experts say no place for outside mediation

External affairs minister S Jaishankar on Tuesday assured both Houses of Parliament that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had never requested the US President Donald Trump for help on the Kashmir issue. Categorically denying President Donald Trumps claim, the minister told the Parliament that It has been Indias consistent position that all outstanding issues with Pakistan are discussed only bilaterally. Any engagement with Pakistan would require an end to cross-border terrorism. India made it clear late last night through an official spokesperson Raveesh Kumar that it has not asked the USA to mediate or to intercede in the ongoing dispute between India and Pakistan which is consistent with its long-held position. Former diplomats feel that Pakistan has once again tried to internationalize the issue and in fact, violated the Simla agreement and the Lahore declaration in which India and Pakistan had pledged to solve bilaterally issues between the two countries. There is no role for others for mediation, they opine. Sharing his views with Financial Express Online, Anil Wadhwa, former Secretary in MEA, said Read| BJP terms oppositions stand on Trumps Kashmir claim as irresponsible According to Wadhwa, India has also clearly stated that terrorism and talks cannot go together and in order for the problem to be resolved Pakistan has to stop its support to cross border terrorism before talks can resume. Said former ambassador Anil Trigunayat President Trump, as well as his predecessors, are fully aware of Indias position even though they try to express concern at ongoing Pakistan sponsored terrorist situation there. India has already agreed to talk including on Kashmir which is predicated on Pakistans resolute action against India centric terrorism from its land. Maintaining that terror and talks cannot go hand in hand, India has not been engaging with Pakistan since the time terrorist group based in that country had carried out attacks on the Indian Air Force base at Pathankot in 2016. This year too, in February, tensions flared up between the two countries after a suicide bomber of Jaish-e-Muhammed killed 40 CRPF personnel in Kashmir Deep inside Pakistan on February 26, the Indian Air Force in response to this carried out a counter-terror operation and targeted the biggest JeM training camp in Balakot.