Triple Talaq bill: Where were your MPs during voting in Rajya Sabha, Asaduddin Owaisi stumps Opposition parties

A day after the Parliament cleared the way for the implementation of the law criminalising the prac tice of Triple Talaq, AIMIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi on Wedneday slammed the Opposition parties and sought to corner them on the absence of many MPs from their respective parties who spoke vociferously against the proposed law, but abstained from voting. The bill, which in now waiting for the Presidents assent before it becomes a law, was put to vote in the Rajya Sabha following extensive debate. Pointing out the hypocrisy of the Opposition parties, Owaisi said that while the leaders of these political parties claimed to be the well-wishers of Muslims, they were absent when the bill was put to vote. He added that while the bill was being passed, MPs from parties like SP and BSP were not present in the House. Earlier in the day, speaking to ANI,he said, It is unconstitutional. I hope the All India Muslim Personal Law Board will challenge it in the Supreme Court. Owaisi said that he felt that the law was unconstitutional, demonises Muslim men and was a bid by the Centre to appease its Hindu vote bank. He hoped that the Muslim Personal Law Board challenges the government in the Supreme Court. Hitting out at the Congress for not issuing a whip to its members to be present in the Hose at the time of voting, Owaisi wondered how much time it takes to issue the order. Whips can be issued on phones these days, he pointed out. The Opposition, particularly the Congress party, faced a major embarrassment during voting on the Triple Talaq Bill, as the BJP aced the floor management on its part and managed to get the bill passed despite the numbers not being on their side. Parties like AIADMK (13), Janata Dal-United (6), Samajwadi Party (6), BJD (7) and BSP (4) decided to walk out, resulting in a reduced majority mark in the Upper House and helped the bill sail through. Four Congress leaders Vivek Tankha, Pratap Singh Bajwa, Mukut Mithi and Ranjib Biswal were absent even as another member Sanjay Singh resigned from the Congress and the Rajya Sabha earlier in the day. Also read: The absence of 23 Opposition MPs during the crucial voting is what is said to have made the difference and revealed the cracks in the opposition camp. One member each from Trinamool Congress, DMK, IUML and Kerala Congress were also absent at the time of voting. In a bleak defence of the abstentions by party MPs, Leader of the House in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad accused the BJP of misleading the Opposition by bringing the bill in the Rajya Sabha at 9 pm a day prior and thus not leaving any time for the Opposition parties to issue a three-line whip to its MPs. Owaisi, however, called out the Congress claims and sought to remind it that the Congress of today was not the one from 1960 and such assertions will find no takers today.