G-7 Summit: When Donald Trump coaxed PM Modi to speak in English – WATCH VIDEO

Trump Modi statement on Kashmir: India scored a major diplomatic win when Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G-7 summit being held in Frances seaside town of Biarritz. Changing tune from his earlier offer to mediate on the Kashmir issue, thereby playing into Pakistans hands in its attempts to internationalise the issue, both leaders agreed that all issues between the two Asian neighbours were bilateral and there was no scope of any third-party mediation on issues regarding them. During the meeting, both sides discussed important issues including removal of special status to Jammu and Kashmir. While PM Modi putting across Indias stand on the matter firmly in the presence of President Trump by his side caught everyones eye, both leaders also shared lighter moments while interacting with the media following their meeting. While Modi was addressing the media on his interaction with the US president in Hindi, the latter in a lighter vein said, He (PM Modi) actually speaks very good English, he just doesnt want to talk, after which both leaders burst into laughter. Trump then went on to tightly hold hands of the PM in a friendly gesture and Modi reciprocated by landing a heavy pat on the US Presidents hand. The bonhomie displayed by both leaders comes in sharp contrast to a year ago when President Trump imitated PM Modi while talking about Indias import taxes on luxury motorcycles. He reportedly mimicked the prime minister during his interaction with the governors. As per reporters, President Trump had earlier attempted to mock the Indian accent when he spoke about Indian call centres. The scenes were starkly different today when Modi put across Indias stand on the Kashmir issue with clarity, thereby putting to an end the uncertainty that Trumps recent remarks on mediation had triggered on the matter. On Monday, during his interaction with the US President, PM Narendra Modi rejected any scope for third party mediation on Kashmir between India and Pakistan. He pointed out that both neighbouring countries can resolve all issues bilaterally. Modis remarks to the US President came hours after Trump said he will discuss the Kashmir issue with the former on the sidelines of the G7 summit. #WATCH France: US President Donald Trump jokes with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the bilateral meeting on the sidelines of #G7Summit. Trump says, He (PM Modi) actually speaks very good English, he just doesnt want to talk pic.twitter.com\/ee66jWb1GQ We can discuss and resolve these issues bilaterally, the PM was quoted as saying by PTI. He also observed that India and Pakistan were together before the partition in 1947 and that he was confident that the two countries can solve their issues. The PM also noted that during his telephonic conversations with his Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan in the recent past, he had told him that there was poverty and several other issues in front of both countries and two countries should work together for the welfare of the people.