Hope to deepen efforts in promoting regional stability, peace: US to Pakistan

Greeting the people of Pakistan on the eve of their Independence Day, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hoped to build on the commitments made by Prime Minister Imran Khan to deepen efforts in promoting regional stability and peace. During his visit to Washington DC last month, Khan had met US President Donald Trump and in the White House and assured him about Pakistans significant role in supporting the Afghan peace process and counter-terrorism. Over the years, the United States and Pakistan have achieved much when we have worked together in partnership, Pompeo said on Tuesday in a statement issued on the eve of the Pakistani Independence Day. In the coming years, we hope to build on the important commitments made during the recent visit by Prime Minister Imran Khan and senior leaders of the Government of Pakistan, and deepen our vital efforts to promote regional stability and peace, he said. During his three-day official visit to the US in July, the Pakistani prime minister had said that it is in the interest of his nation that we do not allow any armed militant groups to operate in our country. We also hope to tap into the enormous potential of the US-Pakistan trade relationship, delivering greater prosperity to both our countries and further strengthening the bonds between our peoples, Pompeo added.