Damage control: Congress raises human rights violations in PoK after Pakistan quotes Rahul Gandhi in letter to UN

The Congress on Wednesday hit back at Union minister of Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar saying that the minister had misconstrued Rahul Gandhis statement. Surjewala said that the former Congress chief was being mischievously dragged to justify the misinformation being spread by Pakistan. Earlier on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi attacked Pakistan and asserted that Kashmir is Indias internal issue. There is violence in Jammu Kashmir. There is violence because it is instigated and supported by Pakistan which is known to be the prime supporter of terrorism across the world, Gandhi tweeted. Union minister Prakash Javadekar had demanded an apology from Gandhi and said that he had spoken of violence and death in Kashmir, statements which he alleged were used by Pakistan in the United Nations. He has made a complete U-turn not due to his own will but due to circumstances and public pressure, Javadekar said. Gandhi has been attacking the government on the Kashmir issue and had last week called the administration draconian when he was turned back from Srinagar. Rahul Gandhi led a delegation of 12 Opposition leaders to Srinagar, but was sent back from Srinagar airport. Congress spokesperson Surjewala said that Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh were and shall always remain an integral part of India. From PoK to Balochistan, Surjewala listed a number of human rights violations allegedly committed by Pakistan and they should address those issues first. We urge that Pakistan should answer these issues, both internally to its people as also to international community, instead of raising the fake Kashmir bogey. Let no one in the world be in doubt that JK Ladakh WERE-ARE-SHALL always remain an integral part of India. No amount of diabolical deception by Pak shall change this truth. Shri Rahul Gandhi has been mischievously dragged by Pak to justify their pack of lies. Our statement: pic.twitter.com\/SHFqFOt4FO