Guess what? Twitter user claims Mumbai-based hotel charged him Rs 1,700 for two eggs

Days after actor Rahul Bose complained of having to pay Rs 442 for two bananas in a Chandigarh hotel, another case has come to light in which a noted author-photographer has been charged Rs 850 per egg at a luxury hotel in Mumbai. Author-photographer Karik Dhar was charged Rs 1,700 for two eggs, that included 18 percent GST at Mumbais Four Seasons Hotel. Dhar also shared the picture of the bill on his Twitter handle, fuelling up concerns on how five-star hotels charge for common items. Dhar also tagged a tweet to Rahul Bose asking whether they should start a protest on the matter. After he shared the tweet on the social network site, it saw 1,200 shares and hundreds of comments. The bill that Dhar shared showed the price of omelette at Rs 850, while Diet Coke is charged Rs 260 at the hotel. While most Twitter users were not surprised, some advised him to be careful the next time and go through the menu card before ordering. Recently, the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) had justified the high price, after a controversy over prices of bananas involving Rahul Bose. FHRAI vice president Gurbaxish Singh Kohli had said, He further said that even as coffee is available at Rs 10 on a stall in the roadside, it could be served in a luxury hotel at Rs 250. 2 eggs for Rs 1700 at the @FourSeasons Mumbai. @RahulBose1 Bhai Aandolan karein?\/hKCh0WwGcy Eggs are regularly sold in Mumbai and other cities of the country, with hawkers selling cooks eggs for a small fraction of the price that was charged by the hotel.