NarendrModi in France: PM raises Jammu and Kashmir, says it took 70 years to remove the word ‘temporary’

A DAY after French President Emmanuel Macron said India and Pakistan should resolve the Kashmir issue bilaterally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that it took the country 70 years to remove the word He was referring to the decision to revoke special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir (JK) under Article 370, which, the government has said, was Addressing the Indian community at the UNESCO headquarters here, Modi said: I am sure that you will always, always continue be India I say always, because there is place for the word temporary in India. This is a country of 125 crore people, this is the land of Gandhi and Buddha, abode of Ram and Krishna, and it took us 70 years to remove the word He said France would, obviously, remain attentive to the interests and rights of the civilian population being taken into account in the territories on both sides of the Line of Control. He also said that he would hold discussions with Pakistan to recall France Speaking at the community event on Friday, Modi, in his almost 30-minute speech, hit out at what he referred to as the Today, corruption, nepotism, familism, looting public money, terrorism It was also decided to provide pension facilities to poor farmers and traders. The inhuman practice of triple talaq has been abolished, Today, there is a lot of discussion that the Parliament session this time was the most productive in the last six decades, Coining a new abbreviation, he said: That is From solar infra to social infra, from technical infra to space infra, from digital infra to defence infra, the alliance of India and France is moving strongly. That is, a few days from now, the echo of On fighting terrorism, he said, Our friendship is built on solid ideals. The character of the two countries is formed by the shared values of liberty, equality and fraternity. Today, if India and France are closely cooperating in fighting the great dangers of the world, then this is also the reason for this shared value. Whether it is terrorism or climate change. He later left for UAE, from where he will go to Bahrain. He will return to Biarritz, in France, on August 25 for the G-7 Summit. Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Vijay Keshav Gokhale said that during the bilateral talks, the Prime Minister outlined the recent steps taken by the government on Article 370, and emphasised that it is an internal affair.