Jammu and Kashmir BJP defends restrictions in state after revocation of its special status

The BJPs JK unit on Wednesday defended the restrictions imposed in the state following revocation of its special status after nullification of the Article 370, saying it is a must to foil bids of some elements, including those of urban Naxalites, to create trouble in the state, specially in the Valley. BJP state spokesperson on Kashmir affairs, Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, said the state administration deserves real kudos for handling the situation and maintaining the calm in the state. The laxity of any nature in this connection is not expected from any responsible quarter, Chrungoo said, interacting with local youths at the party headquarters here. Some elements, including urban Naxalites, from various places in the country have been trying to create trouble by inciting people in the state, particularly those in the valley, over the last two weeks but their efforts have been nullified by quick actions on the ground, said Chrungoo. Such elements need to be prevented from giving twist to the situation and the government and the administration need to be vigilant in this context, he said. He said changing the political landscape of Jammu and Kashmir was the biggest constitutional challenge of the last seven decades, but the Union government did it adroitly through the presidential order, duly approved by Parliamentary resolution and the entailing legislation to split the state into two union territories. It involved not only the constitutional spectrum of the country but had larger dimensions of security, law and order, and politics in the state. The decisions taken before and after the presentation of papers in the parliament had to be loaded with great precision, strategy and discreet planning, he said. He said the governments decisions based on an in-depth evaluation and assessment of the situation led to the scheme of certain restrictions in the state and particularly in the Kashmir valley. The BJP leader said the separatist leadership and the so-called mainstream leadership in the valley have always proved unequal to the task to convince people about the necessity of public order and maintenance of peace. In fact, they always allowed the situation to worsen in order to make hay while the sun shines, said Chrungoo. He said the administration this time has acted with the necessary freedom to execute its planning. Moreover, it was ensured that the restrictions did not include information blockade. In this context, it needs to be emphasized that a media facilitation centre was established in the valley at Srinagar where local, national and international media was offered the necessary information connected with the situation, he said. The BJP leader said the normalcy is returning slowly in most parts of the state.