Stuart Brown (USAF Retired) was the 2016 HOA Champion. Chris Naler, Colonel, (USMC, Retired) presented him the Remington 1100 American Classic 12GA Shotgun.

2016 ASSC High Overall Champions

Left to right: Chris Naler, President AFSA, Stuart Brown, Sam Armstrong, Brian D' Souza, Michael Lee, Vernon Shedd, Stephen Milton, and Karin Brewer. HOA Champions left to right by Class AAA to D/E. Stuart Brown was also the Retired Military HOA Champion. Kathleen Butler won the HOA Lady Champion. HOA Champion and HOA Class Champions won a Remington 1100 12GA Sporting Shotgun.

HOA Event Winners Report


Stuart Brown won Retired Military HOA Champion.


Michael Lee won Active Military HOA Champion and a new Sig Sauer pistol.


The 2016 5-man World Military Championship Team was U.S. Navy. Left to Right is LT Meagan Makarenko, LT Conor Stephens, LT Ty Younts, CDR John Snyder, LCDR Shawn Pyle and LT Michael Lee. Members of Navy Team 2 are also pictured.


The USAF Retired 5-man Team won the 2016 HOA Championships. Stuart Brown, Doug Repaal, Donald Snyder, Bill Wilson and David Bryan.


The 2016 High Overal Base/Club team was Redstone Arsenal: Mark Haughs, Larry Krutsinger, Layne Merritt AND Gary Hunter.

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HOA Event Winners Report

HOA Kolar Arms Score List

HOA Kolar Arms ScoresReport

Final Winners Report



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