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I          An Armed Forces Skeet Association Hall of Fame is hereby established to honor those members of the armed forces who have distinguished themselves by a high degree of achievement in the sport of skeet shooting and/or by significant contributions to the promotion and welfare of the Armed Forces Skeet Association, exhibiting in the process a high degree of dedication and sportsmanship to their comrades in arms.

II        In order for the Armed Forces Skeet Association’s Hall of Fame to be administered on a consistent and just basis, free from temporary influences, and to reflect the perspective of time, the following rules and guidelines for its administration, and the selection of the recipients for such honors, are set forth:

A. Selection of persons to be honored shall be made by a committee of five (5) members.  The committee shall consist of  the immediate past president of the association, and four other members appointed for a four year term, with one member’s term expiring each year.  The president will appoint a member of the  Hall Of Fame to replace the retiring member.  The committee member in his/her fourth and last year will act as chairman of the selection committee.  The committee chairman will be responsible for verifying the qualifications of all nominees, and will provide copies of the candidate information forms of all  those qualified to the other committee members for their deliberations. The committee shall be anonymous, known only to the president.

B. Upon selection by the committee with not less than four positive votes, the committee chairman shall submit the name(s) and necessary paperwork to the president of the association.  The selections of the committee are final and are not open to review or veto.  The names of the honorees will be published in the Hall of Fame program.

C. The formal ceremony of induction into the Armed Forces Skeet Association’s Hall of Fame shall take place at the Armed Services Skeet Championships.  The major accomplishments of the inductee shall be included in the citation.

D. Each inductee shall be presented a suitable plaque and a special Armed Forces Skeet Association Hall of Fame badge to be worn on his/her shooting attire as deemed appropriate.  These mementos shall be provided by the Armed Forces Skeet Association.

E. A master plaque with the names of each inductee placed thereon shall be displayed at a location the president of the Association may deem appropriate, and shall be displayed yearly at the Armed Services Skeet Championships for viewing by the membership.

F. The number elected to membership in the Armed Forces Skeet Association’s Hall of Fame shall not exceed:

1. Two (2) in any one year.

2. A lesser number may be selected if the Hall of Fame committee so decides.

3. It is recognized that there may be occasions where there are no qualified members for selection.

4. Those persons selected posthumously shall have their names engraved on the master plaque only.


III       In the selection of persons to be inducted into the Armed Forces Skeet Association’s Hall of Fame, the selection committee shall be ruled and guided by the following:

A. Basic Requirements:

1. All nominees shall  have been or are presently serving as members of the armed forces*,  have completed ten (10)  years of military service, and participated in a minimum of eight (8) Armed Services Skeet Championships. 

2. Any nominee considered must have a shooting record for a minimum of ten (10) years, except in cases in which untimely death or disablement terminated an active shooting career.

3. A nominee who is considered and not selected in two (2) consecutive years may be considered again after three years have elapsed and  significant additions have been made to his/her resume.

4. Individual information sheet contents will be verified by the selection committee chairman.

5. Those military shooters that had completed 10 years of service and who retired from active competition before 1976** are exempt from the shoot attendance requirements and will be considered for the AFSA HOF based on their shooting accomplishments at NSSA World and International competitions.

6.  A nominee who has been selected to the NSSA HOF may be considered for induction into the AFSA HOF if they meet the military service requirement.

  * The term armed services includes:  USA, USAF, USMC, USN, USCG, active, reserve, national guard, PHS, NOAA, and foreign allied military  personnel.

    ** 1976 was the year we formed the AFSA.

            B. Nominating Procedures:

1. Any member of the association may nominate a person for Hall of Fame consideration. 

2. Nominations must be received by the President of the Armed Forces Skeet Association postmarked or email date stamped no later than 1 November to be considered for induction at the next scheduled Armed Services Skeet Championships Hall of Fame banquet. Nominations postmarked or email date stamped after 1 November will not be considered until the next calendar year. (1 November affords HOF committee deliberations electronically/virtually with the goal of a 15 January decision and notification of HOF candidate(s) for induction at the next scheduled ASSC HOF Banquet.)

3. A completed Hall of Fame candidate information sheet and narrative summary  must accompany the nomination.  Nominations received without a signed cover letter will not be considered.


A. Basic Requirements:  Satisfaction of the following requirements qualifies an  individual for consideration in the shooting achievement category. All points  are awarded for individual accomplishments.      

1.  Three (3) Armed Services Open Championships, including High Overall,  410,  28,  20,  12,  or doubles championships (300 points  each).  Any NSSA open world gun championship satisfies two of  the Armed Services Championship requirements.

2.  Any Armed Services, NSSA World, or Mini World, military or retired military championship, including High Overall ,  410, 28,  20, 12,  or doubles (250 points each).

3.  Any NSSA All-America Team (200 points each).

4.  Any NSSA military or retired military high average leader, in any gun or high overall, top five (5) positions only  (200 points each).

B. Nomination:  When a shooter has accumulated 4000 points and has satisfied the requirements for military service, years of competition, Armed Services Shoot Championships and attendance, he/she is considered to have met the basic requirements for consideration, and may be nominated for the Armed Forces Skeet Association Hall of Fame. 


          This award is established to recognize major contributions and service to the Armed Forces Skeet Association over a period of ten (10) or more years.  Except in cases of untimely death or disablement terminating an active career, or other unusual circumstances, this award should go to living members only.  This award will not necessarily be given every year, and should be considered as an honor awarded for exceptional service to the Association.

A. Satisfaction of any two (2) of the following qualifies an individual  for consideration for the award.

1. AFSA Shoot Committee member, five (5) or more Armed Services Skeet Championships.

2. Active participation in the Armed Services Skeet Championships for fifteen (15) or more years.

3. Volunteering time and effort at the Armed Services Skeet Championships on a long-term basis. 

4. Other significant and lasting contributions to the AFSA.

5. Significant contributions to military skeet programs over long periods of time at more than one military installation.

B. Selections for the award shall be made by a three-person committee comprised of  previous  award winners.  Beginning in 2002, one member of the committee may be replaced each year with a new member to be selected by the the committee. 

1. The recipient of this award will be inducted into the AFSA Hall of Fame and will be presented a plaque as well as the mementos of induction into the Hall of Fame.

2. In the event that the award winner is already a member of the Hall of  Fame, duplicate mementos will  not be given.

3. The selection of persons to receive the award shall be kept secret prior to the induction ceremony;  however, the recipient will be notified of  his/her selection  to the Armed Forces Skeet Association’s Hall of Fame and names will be published in accordance with paragraph II B. 


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