Each odd numbered year our association elects a slate of officers to lead the organization for the next two years.  Per the By-laws, those that are elected take office on 1 July following the date of their election. Directors take office at the next director's meeting immediately after their election. Directors who resign or can no longer serve are replaced by the board of directors before the director's term expires.

Please email any nominations you have to the Secretary (Darron Todd at darron.m.todd@gmail.com) prior to the 2017 elections.

Anyone nominated for any AFSA officer position must personally contact Darron Todd to confirm that he is willing to serve in whatever position he/she is nominated for.  Nominations that are not followed or accompanied by email acceptance of nominations will not be further considered until the May 2017 shoot.

NSSA directors are not elected at AFSA general membership meetings. All NSSA directors are elected through the NSSA election process in even numbered years.

Chris Naler was re-elected as President for 2017-2019.

Steve Johnstone was elected Vice President for 2017-2019.

Darron Todd was re-elected as Secretary for 2017-2019.

Andy Ulsher was re-elected Treasurer for 2017-2019.





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