The 2016 Doubles Champion was Matthew Esposito , USMC, with a 99.


US Navy won the 2016 Doubles 5-man World Military Team Championship. Pictured above (Left to Right in uniform) CDR John Snyder, Meagan Makarenko, Conor Stephens, James Younts and Michael Lee.


The USMC Retired 5-man team won the 2016 Doubles event. Ronald Ausman, Darron Todd, Kevin Suitt, Van Boerner and Clint Kreuser.


Doubles 4-man Base/Club Team: Buck Sifford, Chuck Black and George Guerrero. Russ Stevens not pictured.


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DOUBLES Sig Sauer Winners Report

DOUBLES Sig SauerConcurrentScoresReport

DOUBLES Sig Sauer ScoresReport

DOUBLES Sig Sauer Score List



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