Sam Armstrong was the 2016 410 Bore Champion with a 98.


The 2016 5-man 410 event Military Championship Team was U.S. Air Force. TSgt Charles Thompson, Capt Andrew Thorsen, Major James Schmehl, SSgt Andrew Winders and CMSgt Michael Giese.


US Army won the 2016 5-man Retired Military Team 410 Bore event. Pictured above Mark Haughs, Clark Hartness, Don Donnelly, Paul Stemac and Layne Merritt.


The 2016  410 Bore Base/Club Champions Ft. Hood:   Don Miller, Eduardo Gutierrez, Dave Wood, Ed Hughes, Jerry Provorse, Ken Wagner and Monty England.


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410 BORE Buck Knives Winners Report

410 BORE Buck KnivesConcurrentScoresReport

410 BORE Buck Knives ScoresReport

410 BORE Buck Knives Score List


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